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Tea Tech
Tea Tech is a state-of-the-art tea cleaning and blending plant
One of the first such facilities in South East Asia. The plant contains the latest blending machinery from the UK and automated tea cleaning equipment from Japan.

Tea Tech ensures a 'hands free' tea cleaning and blending solution, which guarantees tea that is devoid of impurities. The plant meets the stringent requirements of sophisticated markets that demand a premium, high-quality product.
Tea Sourcing
The teas are also available as gift tea items.
Sourcing our teas from those showcased at the Colombo Tea Auctions, the world's largest tea auctions that collates the world's best teas, our sourcing process however, begins a week prior to the auctions. This is when our master tea tasters evaluate samples sent by nine reputed tea brokers from which, only the crème de la crème gain a positive nod for selection. Once selected and purchased, the teas which originate from some of the best tea-growing plantations around the country are readied for our unique Tea Tang processes.
Tea Blending
State of the art facilities together with an unprecedented knowledge and skill set, spur our blending options which range from the conventional manual process to cutting edge blending plants. Avidly conscious of quality standards, our blending plants produce superior quality blends, while our manual blending process continues to garner eminent prowess within the industry.
Tea Storing
Once blended and packaged, teas require customised storage within controlled temperatures to maintain internal moisture levels and housing modern racking and handling facilities. At Tea Tang, contemporary storage goes beyond the norm. While the storage facility is a modern state of the art facility encompassing all of the above, in complying with international health and safety standards, our world class teas undergo stringent quality standards in pest control as well.
Tea Bagging
Value addition in tea remains a strong fundamental in our manufacturing process and hence the investment infused by Tea Tang into value addition is considerable. The highly modernized facility with specialised machinery includes tea bagging in a highly automated process for both flavouring and over wrapping. The tea bagging process is preceded by an extensive procedure for eliminating impurities in the tea aligned to required international health and safety standards.

Tea Cleaning
In this modern age, when customers are most knowledgeable of the products they consume, at Tea Tang we ensure that our end product reaches beyond compliance dictated by international norms. This means that our cleaning process must be perfect as would be the hygiene, health and safety levels demanded by our customers. Our subsidiary, Tea Tech Services, one of the first state of the art tea cleaning and blending plants in South East Asia, uses the latest blending machinery from the UK and automated tea cleaning equipment from Japan, augmenting our state of the art supply chain. The modern processes ensure a 'hands free' tea cleaning and blending solution, affirming our emphasis on maintaining a stringent quality focus in each process we employ, all aligned to international standards and norms.
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