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Tea Trends
Tea Tang's export markets are diverse
From two leaves and a bud emerges the flavours that encompass the world's best cup of tea, right here in Sri Lanka which has gained the laurel of being among the largest tea producers in the world. The salubrious climes of the country's mountainsides imbue the ideal terrain for producing extraordinary tea, akin to a canvas of lush green carpet that make for a picturesque panorama. Dotting the bushes sitting on the steep mountains are colourfully garbed tea pluckers, who fill their baskets with these aromatic leaves, which will eventually be brewed into the most delectable cup of Ceylon Tea.

In addition to marketing its own-labelled teas, Tea Tang also undertakes packaging and marketing for client labels. Clients can benefit from the synergies derived from constant improvements to its processes. This spans product development, packaging and distribution.

From the discerning tastes of tea connoisseurs in the United Kingdom and Japan, to Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Africa, to world famous tea houses in the UK and Germany as well as the Ceylon Tea Board, “Laksala” – the Government owned Handicraft Shop, the Tea Tang presence is penetrative and respected as a brand that has proven to produce only the best.

Within Sri Lanka, tea is sold at outlets situated at strategic locations.
The stylised tea pot, which resonates our commitment to excellence, is undoubtedly the icon that drives our brand. The use of red as our corporate ensemble, projects our tea, brewing within the perfect pot as being among the best. The simplicity in our logo and branding also underlines a singular vision of being unequivocally focused in everything we do, which means quality and best practices form an integral foundation to our brand.
Into this strong foundation, we have added the dynamics of uncompromising quality that has seen our teas sitting at the zenith in some of the most competitive countries across the globe. Whether as our own brand or in blending, manufacturing and supplying tea under other renowned brand banners, our teas continue to keep the Ceylon Tea flag flying around the continents.
Our Competitive Edge
  • Industry acumen across the Asian region spanning nearly 150 years
  • Unparalleled collective knowledge and experience in the tea industry for over four decades
  • A strong presence among some of the most discerning tea drinking nations
  • Producing, packaging and marketing teas for globally renowned brands
  • Uncompromising focus on quality
  • State of the Art manufacturing plant with IT enabled systems and processes
  • R&D remains a fundamental to continuous development
  • Incomparable emphasis on customer service excellence
  • Leveraging on the synergies within, strong in building relationships for private label partnerships
The Proposition of Seamless Solutions

While we draw from a legacy of knowledge and experience from within our team at Tea Tang, the concept of providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, that would transcend seamlessly from one step to the next, is a unique proposition presented by Tea Tang. Customisation therefore becomes imperative.

Grading and tasting from the best picks, to blending of flavours while adding the vignettes of R&D if necessary in our certified laboratory to manufacturing, bagging, packaging, storing and shipping, our solutions span the entire portfolio of a buyer's requirements. Manned by a specialised marketing team and supported by knowledgable professionals in the tea industry, Tea Tang is a strong and focused partner in customising solutions. To us, the long standing relationships we have built and nurtured over four decades is ample evidence of our strength in being a true partner to our customer's progress.

We add the imperative tenets of flexibility and adaptability into the equation, knowing well that in a globalised marketplace, time-lines are stringent as are customer demands, ensuring that on-time delivery is the overarching advantage we can confidently give to any customer.
A Team Driven by Excellence

Ours is a team that believes wholeheartedly in our belief that we must produce the finest Ceylon Tea. Each of them therefore, has a strong commitment to excellence and remains unfettered in ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Continuous training and development is key to the professionalism we have within Tea Tang. Members of our team are encouraged to gather knowledge, sharpen their skills and become professionals with a career to be proud of. Those with leaderships skills are aptly rewarded in meeting their career aspirations. There is much emphasis on developing competencies especially in the highly skilled areas of tea tasting, grading and blending while technical skills are also honed in operating state of the art machinery, gaining scientific input into our R&D processes and adding stimulus to cross-skill our team through targeted training and development experiences.
The Ethical Stand

The tea industry in Sri Lanka is a labour intensive one and an industry that relies solely on the specialised ability of a tea plucker who can pick the perfect leaf. It is this emphasis on perfection that makes Ceylon Tea the preferred choice around the globe. Similarly, the end customer too is much more aware and discerning. They not only want flavour and aroma, but require the knowledge that the tea they consume is manufactured in a sustainable manner. Hence, the ethical platform is high on a customer's requirements.

At Tea Tang, we are conscious of our responsibility to be an ethical manufacturer and therefore, we have an established relationship only with valued business partners who conform and understand that need for ethical practices. Being considered a corporate steward in Sri Lanka and gaining recognition as an industry captain, we are very cognizant of our status as a role model in best economic, social and environmental practices. We discuss our triple bottom line standpoint with our stakeholders, share our best practices when able and proactively participate in industry initiatives that will continue to add credence to manufacturing ethical tea.
A Collection Par Excellence

Ensuring that Tea Tang remains synonymous with Ceylon's finest tea can be challenging but it is an art we have perfected. In selecting our teas, whether it is in bulk or for value addition, we are well aware that the teas which will eventually come under the reputed Tea Tang brand or under a customer's brand, are grown in the best environment. The niche markets we have penetrated and captured have effectively showcased that the Tea Tang promise of excellence is genuine.

However, we also focus emphatically on packaging, which to us, is the first impression of our tea. Hence the Tea Tang Collection is divided into two categories:

Premium end of the high volume market where the packaging is sophisticated and stylish; packaging extends from eye catching canisters to artfully creative boxes, aimed at making our tea a product to be cherished

The Gift Collection is packaged imaginatively, some of them handcrafted, using indigenous raw material including reed and clay, accessorised with traditional Sri Lankan icons and characteristics, typically identifiable with the culture, mores and traditions prevalent in this country
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