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Export Markets
High quality value-added teas are exported to

Tea Tang markets its own brand of teas, and also undertakes packaging and marketing for client labels as well. Tea Tang also expends considerable resources on product development, both for its own and buyers’ brands.
The teas are also available as gift tea items.
The value-added tea facility is a state-of-the-art unit, and specialised machinery is used for many of its operations.
These include :

  • Facility to remove all impurities lodged in the teas
  • Semi-automated packing machine
  • 3 tea bag machines
  • Over-wrapping machine
  • Shrink-wrapping capability
  • Semi-automated flavouring equipment
  • Specialflavouring unit
The proper and hygienic storage of tea is essential for the retention of both the quality and flavours of the teas.

Tea Tang takes storage very seriously and has instituted the following steps :
  • State-of-the-art packing material storage area
  • Special packaging area
  • Specialized finished goods storage area
  • Air-conditioned herbal tea storage facility
  • Dedicated warehouse with a modern racking system
  • Container loading facility
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