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The Journey of Excellence…

At TEA TANG, our attention to detail and uncompromising quality for over 40 years has placed our tea on par with some of the best tea in the world...  Whether under the Tea Tang banner or whether partnering with other world-renowned brands, our selecting, blending and manufacturing of some of the most unique teas has enabled us to take the true essence of Ceylon Tea to the rest of the world. 


Bulk Sourcing


Our teas originate from the best and the most beautiful plantations across Sri Lanka and our well experienced tasters and blender set to work to ensure that the final product captures the essence of something very special…

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Our Bussiness - Cleaning Services


One of the key components to our success over the years is that we ensure that the infrastructure available is geared towards the ability to add value to tea and in turn to our loyal customers all over the world. 

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Our Bussiness - Tea Bagging Services

TeaBagging Services

In order to ensure that we can offer our customer options and solutions, our tea bagging machinery range consists of IMA C27 staple free machines, Fuso Pyramid machines, HST PT machines, Wrap Tech Packing machines and Solar Overwrapping machines.

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Tea Packeting Services

TeaPacketing Services

At Tea Tang, our tea packeting services are yet another way we ensure that we offer as many options as possible to help get our product or the product of our customers absolutely right!

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Flavours, Herbal Ingredients & Infusions

Flavours, HerbalIngredients & Infusions

At Tea Tang, our R&D that involve flavouring, herbals ingredients and infusions are a vital part of what we do – It ensures that we stay ahead of the trends in the market and continue to push the envelope when it comes to infusions and blends.

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Private Label


With years of industry experience under our belts, Tea Tang has had some amazing opportunities to work with leading brands and businesses as a supportive and reliable partner for private label tea packing.

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Tea Tang - The Taste of Excellence

Tea Tang - The Taste of Excellence

A Journey of Uncompromising Excellence

Unparalleled experience and knowledge of the tea industry spanning over 40 years

Renowned for flavour, Quality and Presence

A synergy that ensures uncompromising quality

Our compliance and ethical stand

The Tea Tang commitment to quality and ethical practices is certified with; ISO 22000:2005 | HACCP | Halal| Fair Trade

A Collection Par Excellence

The first impression our tea makes around the world, is important to us

Tea Tang –Our History…

  • New Beginings

    Our story begins in the jewellry industry in 1872 - The founding father of this company, B. P. de Silva, launched his first venture in Singapore.

  • A Century Later…

    World's Most Popular Beverages - Tea Tang (Pvt) Ltd

    Almost a century later, in 1979, B. P de Silva & Company, ventured into the process of making one of the world's most popular beverages… Tea…

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  • Building a Brand…

    Using Ceylon’s finest tea’s, together they built a brand that today, stands proudly among the best in the world.


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