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We believed that simply manufacturing any tea was not an option… We had to ensure that our tea, just like every other area of our business, needed to represent everything we stood for… Quality, excellence and finesse.

From the very beginning of our story in 1979, Tea Tang has played a significant role in the Ceylon tea industry – By creating synergies between industry expertise, a professional transparent work ethic, an unwavering commitment to service excellence, best practices, technology and innovation, we aimed to create sustainable partnerships with our stakeholders, while offering our customers more than just a cup of tea…

 Tea Tang (Pvt) Ltd Main Building

We wanted to offer our partners and customers a value-added product. We wanted to offer an end to end service with our blending expertise, our state of the art cleaning and blending plant and our packaging facility. The perfect package.

Our services include;

  • Bulk Sourcing
  • Cleaning Services
  • Tea Bagging
  • Tea Packeting
  • Flavours and Infusions
  • Private Labels

Making tea is an art for us at Tea Tang! It's an age-old process that has been honed to perfection using global best practices, international quality standards and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Having nurtured a brand that remains synonymous with quality, across five continents, we believe that we produce some of the best tea in the world. We strive to do so with every product that leaves our plant; assured that from grading to tasting, packaging to marketing, only the finest will reach our discerning consumer.


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